Thursday, 20 December 2012

How Much I Love you ... a poem


You Cant See My Core Of Heart,
You Cant Measure My All Effort,
Even I Cant Tell You...
How Much I Love You...

Feel This If You Can
Its My Tears Not The Rain
Who Carry Glimpse Of Ur Face
Which Is Only My Life's Base
But Wonderings Cant Get The Proper Sense
You Cant Decide How Much My Feeling Being Dense
But Its Not Your Foul...
Its My Luck Of Cursy Haul...
I Cant Spell Out Beating Of Heart,
You Cant Sort Out Gathering Of Murk,
My Dreams Are Captured By Your Smile...
Your Footsteps Are Seeing On Every Mile...
You Blessed The Blossom...
You Wished The Wisdom...
You Are Only My God My Heaven...
But expression Are Not Enough,
My Situation Is Too Tough,
How I Present My Emotion In Front Of You...
You Can’t Believe How Much I Love You...
In This Situation Who Can Console Me
Who Can Solve All This Problem
N Make A Way Full Of Blossom
A Blossom In Which Me N U Can Wonder
Your Arms On My Shoulder In A Way Of Fondle
Then I Realize God Is One Who Fulfill My Desire
Lets Watch How Much Time My Heart Burn In Fire

......OH GOD! LETS WATCH!......
.........But I Cant Tell You.........
...How Much I Love You...

------------- Kaviraj Tarun


  1. Hi Tarun,

    Beautiful poem once again. :)


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  2. i wish i could compose it over my guitar

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  4. yo mamu ..!! nice blog.. nw m also in ur competetion..!! :p